Making Girls Laugh And Dating – How To Be Funny

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Everyone loves having a fun, hilarious time with their date. Today you can read a few huge tips to help you build the kind of easy-going relationships filled with laughter with the high value women you want.

How To Start Making Girls Laugh on Dates

We covered “why” making your dates laugh is important in our article published yesterday: “Making Girls Laugh and Dating (Part 1) – Why Make Her Laugh?” So let’s get down to the general idea of “how” to be funny and make them laugh.

Before continuing, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, humor is a massive topic. As always, test out what works for you personally – find your own personal style of humor and making people laugh. What works for us may not be your cup of tea. With that being said, here are some pointers on how to build your A-Ha-Ha Game.

Pro Tip: It’s Easier To Make Some Girls Laugh Than Others

To get your dates laughing, you need to start off by talking to lots of hot women and finding ones that like you.

Nothing begins until you find one that likes you right from the kickoff.

Remember that if she’s into you, she’ll laugh at jokes everyone else might think are lame (yourself included). This is good – she’s one of the ones we’re looking for. Likewise, you could be spouting some of the most hilarious comedic gold ever to grace this planet, but if she’s just not into you, she’ll be able to keep a straight face the whole.

If she’s not laughing, you’re not doing it right… Though it may not be your fault. First things first – find the right women to work with.

Some Tips For Sharpening Your Wit

Once you’ve found one that gives you her attention, avoid heavy topics (war, religion, politics, complaining) while sticking to light, funny and playful topics.

We like witty quips, obvious misunderstandings, deadpan psyche-outs, absurd juxtapositions, cultural references and even some puns, but what works for us may not work for you.

If it gets her laughing, you’re doing it right.

To further boost your skills, we recommend joining an improv comedy group. Check your local theaters and university. Also, while Toastmasters teaches speaking and presentation skills, it’s also a great place to give your funny bone a work out.

Practice not only with your dates, but with your guy friends as well. Give each other typical questions women ask when they first meet you or on first dates (ie, “Nice to meet you, you from around here?”) and try to make each other laugh with your answers.

Bust out a notebook, pens, pencils, colored markers and watch some pro comedians. Seriously engage in what they’re doing – don’t just sit there and laugh. While it might be more fun to just passively watching them because they’re funny, it doesn’t teach squat. Bring a level of effort and consciousness to the project.

Learning humor isn’t always pretty – jokes crash and burn, then pass on to joke-heaven. And it’s all good, because as we practice more and more, making girls laugh becomes more instinctual.

Our minds are always searching, always looking for some unexpected, ridiculous angle to spin and turn any situation into something hilarious. Just like playing outfield, doing calculus or meeting and dating high value women, humor is a learn-able, practicable skill in which the rewards are dictated by the amount of effort put into the endeavor.

So get up, get out, go meet more women every day, and practice making girls laugh (watch this free video to learn how to get more experience and practice making girls laugh in the shortest amount of time possible.)

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