Web Hosting and Domain Names

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Best web hosting depends on hosting provider database, customer service, and price.

Why Database? because of how many times it takes to load your website. If your hosting provider database on the USA and your website on Asia then obviously it takes more time than a USA user. So Database is important.

Why Customer Service? Let’s say you're totally new on the blogging you never use cPanel or Plesk then it is a bit difficult to set up and maintain your website. If your website is down, no action or response from customer service then you lose your visitors and money. It affects your ranking also.

Why Price? People looking for free domain and hosting. Yes, you find some hosting provider provides this don’t forget if you facing any problem they provide a solution like free service that doesn’t work or no response.

If you serious on blogging then need some best hosting that never down your website.

So according to my experience and user review ChemiCloud, A2 hosting and Bluehost is one of the best and affordable web hosting in this industry.

Why Namesilo? Because of choosing ChemiCloud it is cheap cloud VPS hosting so it fast and secure. They provide Free Domain for a lifetime(To date you using their service). Their database present in the major countries. Web hosting starting from $3.95/month. 45 days of money back. Free SSL and many more.

Why A2 hosting? Because of choosing A2 hosting is they provide Turbo Speed 20 times faster than normal. Any time money back Guarantee. Free SSL Certificate. Web hosting starting from $3.92/month

Why Bluehost? Bluehost is one of the leading hosting providers worldwide. FREE SSL Certificate. Free domain for 1 year. Web hosting starting from $2.95/month(No one provides hosting on this price).

Don’t forget Google loves the Fast loading website. According to a study, those website takes more than 3 seconds to load 90% of visitors leave your website so choose a web hosting accordingly.

On my personal view go with ChemiCloud because it is a fast & secure, free domain for a lifetime, affordable price.

Collecting cheap dedicated servers and vps hosting promo codes and coupons, as well as the vps hosting reviews and tutorials!

It’s never been easy to buy and sell a domain name, domain investment is not a win win situation all the time, few of the below points may work.

-> buy a domain name which has strong keywords ranking.

-> one word and two words (English or Spanish) names are demanding and should be less than 15 characters long

-> Domain which already has more popularity in online and the domain owner forgot to renew it (it unlikely happens, but possible), when you capture it using drop catch providers, it will be worth because the previous owner may quote a reasonable amount to get a domain back. (Please note that you may not tale advantage of starting your own website within same category as the previous website if its a registered organization you will face legal issues)

-> two letters(any top used extension), three letters (.com or .net) are worth and any single word domain names with huge demand are also worth

-> there are also few numeric domains (they have some meaning in Chinese or other language) are worth (should be less than or equal to 6 characters long for a .com), less than 5 characters long (.org, .net) are worth trying.

Please do not invest too much for a name, unless you get Namesilo discount code at a very less price never go for it, many investors are showing interest in acquiring established business than a domain name.

Domain extensions worth trying: .com, .net, .us, org, .de, .ru, .io, .info, .uk, .co.uk, .ca, .pl, .nl, .cn, .jp, .in, .co, .me (other extensions are worth when you find short and one word max 3 characters long domain name).

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