Toxins In Bottled Water Affect Health

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Plastic contamination is abundant in bottled water, actually drinking bottled water does not mean drinking clean water.

It is important to emphasize that bottled water contains many toxins that can affect our body, and of course our health in general.

Generally, bottled water contains particles of "microplastic" synthetic polymer, and this was demonstrated in a study conducted in several countries.

Different investigations and studies have concluded that the toxins contained in bottled water are a threat to the health of all people. In addition, there are chemical contaminants that bind with the "microplastic" and consequently have toxic effects.

Drinking Bottled Water Can Cause Developmental And Fertility Problems

Many manufacturers choose to sell BPA-free bottled water, but the toxins and danger will always be there.

One of the main problems with BPA is that it acts specifically as a false estrogen, and when consumed in water through the plastic bottle, it can cause different problems at the chromosomal level that are directly related to birth defects and developmental problems in children.

In addition, BPA can also cause fertility problems in women and men, and when fetuses are in full development and exposed to BPA, it can cause complications later in the fetus' life, such as early puberty, hyperactivity, among others.

Toxins in Bottled Water Can Cause Overweight

Consumption of bottled water can be the culprit in increasing weight in people, and this is because it has been found that BPA and BHPF have the ability to alter the hormones in our body.

It can also make it difficult to lose weight because the toxins in bottled water influence the rate at which fat is stored in your body, making it more difficult to burn fat.

 Bottled Water Contains Toxins From Plastic

There is a risk of illness or disorder due to the toxins contained in bottled water. Every time you drink water there is a small chance that you may ingest some chemical component used to make the plastic bottles.

Both BPA and other toxins can easily enter the bloodstream, and this can certainly lead to many health problems, including the possibility of developing cancer, liver and kidney damage.

Although several studies have been conducted, scientists do not fully understand the side effects that are harmful to health. In addition, toxins also accumulate in your body over time, leaving you prone to a wide variety of illnesses.

The Danger of Microplastics

One of the most important risks are the microplastics that are present in bottled water. Microplastics are mainly small, very tiny pieces of plastic (less than 5 mm).

So, bottled water not only contains dangerous chemical components, but also may have microplastics, and this really is a potential health hazard.

You can only imagine the side effects that plastic can cause in our body.


Nowadays bottled water has many complications, and the best thing is to avoid the use of this type of product, because it can cause health problems, and not only health problems, but plastic contaminates the environment, and of course the planet. Choose one of the sustainable alkaline water brands to help support your body and the planet.

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